About me

Saying that I am "fairly new" to blogging would be an understatement.  To be honest, though I had heard of blogs, and knew what they were, I had never actually read anything that I knew, at the time, was a blog.  But I've always wanted to write.  Never thought I was any good at it, but wanted to do it nonetheless.  Writing in a journal is all well and good, but I wanted more.  I wanted people to see what I wrote but none of it was really connected.  After reading an article in a magazine about a woman who had started a blog, the idea popped into my head that this would be a way to get my words out there.  Even if only one person ever read any of them, it's more than would read them if they were kept in a journal.

So here is my first attempt.  Beginning February 1, 2010.  Only time will tell where this leads.  It may not go anywhere, but that's okay.  For me, it is a way to get the words out of my head and somewhere where they "could" be seen.

If you are reading this, thank you.  You have made it worth my time.  Thanks.