Monday, April 5, 2010


Butterfly lost
Fluttering this way and that
Looking for something
Where is it?
That flower it seeks?

Where could it be?
How did it get lost?
What will the butterfly do?

Slow down
Stop for a moment

Butterfly flying
With purpose, determination
On the right path now.

It was there all along
The knowledge
All the butterfly had to do
Was listen to it's heart.

Lost and found

As someone with ADHD I frequently misplace things.  I am constantly looking for my cell phone, my keys, papers.  A couple of weeks ago, though, I went looking for my notebook where I keep my writing.  I scoured the house looking for it.  I was frantic!  It was like a piece of me was missing and I could not write anything else until it was found.  Luckily I found it tonight!  I hadn't realized just how important it was to me until I couldn't find it.  My heart is in that book.  I feel like a band has been taken away from my it can expand again.  Freedom.