Sunday, March 14, 2010


Had a good week for the most part.  Was actually able to sit down and get some work done this week.  Stressful, though.  Stress drove me.  I guess that is both good and bad.  Stress isn't really a good thing, but it did force me to be more productive.  Trying to look at the positive side so instead of saying to myself that I should have gotten more done or should have been working like this all along, I am congratulating myself for doing more than twice my recent average.  I also managed to get to three volleyball games, a sports pot luck that I didn't find out about until the afternoon of, and a dodgeball tournie!  And we even ate hot meals every night!  Whoohooo!  Apparently I had some pretty lucent moments this week.  A very positive thought to end the week with and a good feeling to carry over to the next.

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