Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A long day

Wake up in the morning,
not knowing what the day will bring.
Hoping and praying that
it will be a calm one.
Each hour that goes by,
every moment ticking away,
You know it brings you one step closer
to that explosion of temper and feelings.
How bad will it be this time?
And how will you react?
Will you be able to understand,
it's really not you Mom?
She had a bad day,
didn't get enough sleep.
The boy she likes didn't talk to her today.
Whatever the reason,
just remember...
It's not really you, Mom.
You are just the sounding board
for her emotions.
Where else can she turn and know
that she will be listened to and heard.
Held and loved.
Not criticized or ridiculed.
She would not behave that way if she wasn't secure.
Secure in the knowledge that she is loved.
And that means, Mom,
that you are doing something right.

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