Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday mornings

Mondays have been one of my favorite days ever since my youngest was old enough to go to school.  Then I was actually at home alone with NO kids!  I love being with my kids, make no mistake.  I love it when we are one on one.  When they are together?  Run and hide!  Individually they are incredible people - kind, funny, considerate.  All the things you want your kids to be.  When they are together they both revert to the behavior of misbehaving 3 year olds!  They can't help but pick at each other, tripping, poking, calling names, and on and on and on!  That's when I want to lock myself in a padded, sound-proofed room and just scream and pound my head against the wall.  Monday's are my refuge.  It is only then that I can really breathe and let my shoulders relax.  As the week goes on I can feel those muscles getting tense in anticipation of the weekend.  And watch out if it's a long weekend or school vacation!  By Thursday I am a basket case waiting for the inevitable.  Even after school each day they go at it.  As soon as they are in the same room/car together it starts.

So today, a Monday that comes just one week before a school vacation, I am going to enjoy my peace and quiet by playing really LOUD music and acting like the kind of mom that would really embarrass the kids if they were to see me.  Heck, maybe I'll still be going like that when I pick them up and I really can embarrass them.  That is what parents live for once their kids get old enough to care, right?

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